Committed to Helping Austin Thrive

At ACL Live, our dedication extends beyond our iconic stages. Here's how we're striving to make a difference in Austin.

Nurturing Local Talent

We're passionate about Austin's vibrant music scene. By offering local artists a stage, we amplify their voices and support a thriving creative ecosystem. We advocate for programs that provide essential resources to help musicians succeed.

Empowering the Next Generation

We believe arts education is a cornerstone of Austin's future. We partner with organizations to cultivate the next generation of artists and nurture young talent to keep Austin's cultural legacy alive.

Addressing Homelessness

Every individual deserves a safe place to call home. We join forces with impactful organizations to raise awareness and back solutions to combat homelessness in Austin.

Celebrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Austin's diversity is its strength. We're dedicated to creating an inclusive space where artists, audiences, and staff feel welcome and valued.


By championing these causes, ACL Live aims to spark positive change and contribute to a more vibrant and equitable Austin for everyone.


Our Community Partners

Special thanks to our partnering organizations